Hoefler & Co. is always looking for great people.

You can learn a little of our story online. Poke around and you’ll find that we’re a well-respected industry leader, with twenty years’ work that includes some of the world’s most famous fonts — the ones that are part of the world’s most recognizable brands, its favorite things to read, and its most beloved institutions. Dig deeper and you’ll discover some remarkable things that you never knew about fonts or the people who make them: that the Museum of Modern Art has four of our typefaces in its permanent collection, that our Gotham typeface was credited with helping put Barack Obama in the White House, and that Fast Company listed us third among the fifty most innovative design companies in America.

What you won’t discover is what it’s like to work here. What it’s like to be in the company of detail-oriented fanatics, who are passionate about every part of the customer experience, from the way a typeface is designed to the ways in which it’s licensed. To be part of a close-knit family of problem solvers who bring extraordinary heart to everything they do, and share in the delights of a clever piece of code, a smart turn of phrase, or a well-designed product. To work at a small company that has a global reach, but is refreshingly free of startup jitters and management fire drills. To work together to create the things that people truly love.

We’re always on the lookout for the right people to join us on the journey forward. (And not just typeface designers: two thirds of us are programmers, web developers, marketers, managers, and salespeople.) Whatever our specialties, what unites us is an obsession to bring fine design everywhere, from websites to mobile apps to eBooks and beyond. If these are your goals too, we’d like to hear from you.

Graphic Designer at Hoefler & Co.

H&Co is looking for an experienced cross-disciplinary graphic designer to join our team, to contribute to all of the company’s visual communications. This position is full-time at our offices in New York.

About the position

You’ll be helping design the things that make it easier for people to understand, choose, and use typefaces. With your fellow designers and developers, you’ll be working on a range of projects, some of them printed (type specimens, advertising, promotional materials), many of them digital (our website, our online services, discover.typography), and more things still. You’ll not only help conceptualize and execute the material that accompanies font releases and new typographic services, but you’ll live with the things that you make, regularly revisiting them to improve how they perform for yourself, your colleagues, and the design community.

About us

We’re a 21-person company, made up of graphic designers, programmers, typeface designers, and businesspeople. Everyone here, even the ones who don’t work in InDesign, shares a pathological attention to detail, an intuitive understanding of hospitality, and a fondness for working collaboratively to come up with interesting solutions. The people who have put down the deepest roots at H&Co are the ones who love to learn, love to share, and bring a broad range of interests to bear on the work we all do.

About you

Everything you create will be steeped in typography — most of it will be type alone — so it goes without saying that you’re an inveterate typomaniac, with all the skills, passions, and obsessions appurtenant thereto. You’re the kind of person who can’t even print the most ephemeral page without it being typographically considered (>cough< your_resume.pdf), and if asked you can talk at length about your typographic decisions. It also goes without saying that you’re fluent with the tools that you need to create thoughtful and smart typographic experiences, which means the Adobe Creative Suite, HTML/CSS, and probably a framework like LESS or SASS. You’re a clear communicator (how could a designer be otherwise?), you’re comfortable working across a range of different media, and you keep up with best practices in design. Because you’ve got a penchant for technical solutions, and like picking up new skills, there’s a good chance you’ve gotten a taste of programming, even if it hasn’t been connected with design. Yet.

More about you

  • You’ve been working as a designer for at least five years.
  • If you’re coming from a background in which you’ve done the same thing every day, you’re ready to start switching gears a lot more often.
  • If you’re coming from an agency in which you’ve moved from project to project without ever looking back, you’re ready to start building things that last, and caring for them as they grow.
  • You’ve worked on a team, and can talk about the workflow, practices, and resources that have shaped your process.
  • You’re not intimidated by enormous projects, and not above small ones.
  • You’ve created some beautiful typography, and can’t wait to talk about it in great detail.

This is a full-time salaried position with terrific benefits, open to US citizens or those with authorization to work in the US. This position is full-time at our offices in New York — please don’t apply if this doesn’t suit you.

Applicants should contact H&Co’s Creative Director, Brian Hennings, at hr-gd2016@typography.com. A short, thoughtful, non-generic note, with a link to your résumé and portfolio, is a great start.


Hoefler & Co. is located in New York’s historic NoHo neighborhood, in The Cable Building at the corner of Broadway and Houston.

We’re near twelve subway lines: the B, D, F and M at Broadway-Lafayette, the 6 at Bleecker Street, the N and R at Prince Street, the C and E at Spring Street, and the J, Q, and Z at Canal Street.

NoHo and its surrounding neighborhoods — SoHo, Nolita, the Lower East Side, the East Village, Chinatown, and Greenwich Village — are home to some of the city’s finest architecture, its best coffeeshops, and its most sought-after food trucks.

Hoefler & Co.
611 Broadway, Room 725
New York, NY 10012-2608

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