Invasion of the Glagolites

Above: the sole surviving classified photo of the landing craft spotted hovering over a Nebraska cornfield? Below: gift of the alien emissary, a plaque declaring peace between our two worlds, now in possession of the U. S. Army?

Yes! No. Prompted by my recent post on typographic holidays, a colleague in Croatia, Vjeran Andrašić, sent word that he’s enjoying his own typographic holiday in the Adriatic, on the island of Krk. Among its other features, Krk is home to some of the world’s oldest inscriptions in the Glagolitic alphabet, where it flourishes still. I’d written that Glagolitic was largely eclipsed by Cyrillic in the 13th century, without mentioning that it survives as a national treasure in Croatia. Vjeran points me not only to the Baska Tablet, one of the great monuments of medieval literacy, but to this site, which has some eye-opening photographs of Glagolitic in modern use. I direct you especially to the mind-bending multilingual menu set in Glagolitic and Comic Sans. —JH


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