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A front end for designers, a back end for their clients: Cloud.typography delivers mission critical typography.


Cloud.typography is built for performance. It uses edge computing to deliver fonts from a cloud application that’s always online, and fully cached across the entire Akamai network. Operating without any database calls or outside dependencies, Cloud.typography is lightning fast, usually responding even more quickly than your own server. And by delivering only the data that each browser needs, Cloud.typography’s webfonts are optimized for file size as well as quality.


Cloud.typography is simultaneously delivered from more than 125,000 application servers in 81 countries, spanning the most important networks within the Internet. It listens globally and answers locally, always delivering from the server that’s closest to each of your site’s visitors. Continuously monitoring traffic across the entire network, the Akamai Intelligent Platform constantly readjusts to deliver data along the fastest and most reliable paths.


Some webfont services use JavaScript to deliver code that runs on visitors’ computers. Not Cloud.typography: it delivers only files to your visitors, never executable code. Browser detection is done server-side, and webfonts are delivered only in industry-standard file formats. Cloud.typography doesn’t use cookies to deliver fonts, and it automatically delivers over both http and https, making it easy to use webfonts on your site’s secure pages.


To deliver Cloud.typography, we chose Akamai, the first name in CDNs. Delivering up to 30% of the world’s internet traffic, Akamai is monitored by a 24/7 Network Operations Command Center that ensures seamless responses to network conditions worldwide. Built on an infrastructure engineered for redundancy and automatic failover, Cloud.typography’s implementation is backstopped by font fallbacks, a core principle of Cascading Style Sheets that ensures that even in the event of a complete systems failure, your site’s content will never be blocked.


Some of the world’s biggest organizations use fonts from Hoefler & Co., including governments and financial institutions for whom privacy is paramount. Cloud.typography keeps out of your business: it can’t affect the content of your pages, and doesn’t collect personally identifiable information about your visitors. It doesn’t use tracking scripts, or any third-party services for data analytics. And Hoefler & Co. never shares your information with anyone: our product is our fonts, not your data.

Screenshot of the Cloud.typography user interface on an iMac

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