Introducing Cloud Typography

Webfonts by Hoefler & Co.

Now all your communications can speak in the same clear voice. Introducing Cloud.typography, the webfont solution for design professionals.

Cloud.typography takes the guesswork out of using fonts online. It starts with one of the world’s most sophisticated type libraries, completely redesigned for the screen, and engineered to be crisp and clear at even the smallest sizes. Managed by a powerful and intuitive web interface, Cloud.typography is a 100% CSS solution that’s simple to set up, painless to integrate with your existing site, and designed to grow with you from development through production. Delivered by Akamai, the first name in CDNs, Cloud.typography answers each browser with exactly the right type of webfonts, all with incredible speed and reliability. With advanced typographic controls that designers love, and a cost-effective way to satisfy even the biggest websites, Cloud.typography is a whole new way to make typography a meaningful part of your online experience.


Why Webfonts?

More than just a pretty face, webfonts play an essential role in helping your website meet its most important goals.

Webfonts give you a Consistent Voice

A good webfont can help you speak in the same voice across many channels. A great webfont can challenge your ideas about what’s possible on the web. Cloud.typography is designed not just to bring great print fonts to the screen, but to create web typography of a quality that’s consistent with what designers expect from Hoefler & Co.

Webfonts help you Articulate Content

Fonts are more than an author’s handwriting, they’re tools for articulating information. Cloud.typography gives designers the tools they need to communicate in the ways that readers deserve. Its webfonts have rich style palettes and deep character sets, to help designers present content with clarity, subtlety, and distinction.

Webfonts assist Search Ranking

Machines can read webfonts, too, and the more of your site a search engine can see, the better. Webfonts make it possible to use real text for every part of your site, from text to logos. And search robots aren’t the only technologies that can read webfonts: users with disabilities can finally use assistive devices to read all of your site’s content.

Webfonts enhance Site Performance

Webfonts reduce a site’s payload. Instead of delivering a separate image for each piece of styled text, a webfont is a single file, delivered once and cached for 30 days. And since Cloud.typography delivers webfonts customized for each browser, no webfont ever contains excess data — an advantage over “one-font-fits-all” self-hosting solutions.

Webfonts create a Streamlined Workflow

Change your site’s typography without a trip through Photoshop. Webfonts let you style even the dynamic content on your site, such as news and weather feeds, as well as user-driven content and site personalization. Using webfonts makes site localization easier too, allowing the same font to satisfy every language version of your content.

Webfonts offer Universal Delivery

All modern browsers support webfonts, and Cloud.typography addresses the unique technical requirements of each environment. Webfonts are built and tested by the designers and engineers at Hoefler & Co., and delivered by a server-side application that runs in the cloud, to ensure the best possible reading experience everywhere.

Cloud.typography offers Infinite Scalability

High-traffic sites depend on Cloud.typography to deliver cost-effectively at massive scale, and to scale effortlessly without the need to refactor. Using Cloud.typography, designers can easily transition from a one-click development mode for work in progress, to a high-performance production mode for live deployments.

Meet the fonts.

Cloud.typography begins with the Hoefler & Co. type library, and adds ScreenSmart® technology to deliver astoundingly clear text. Learn More

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