Accessing Bold and Italic styles

In addition to allowing you to select font styles from the menu, many applications support keyboard shortcuts for accessing a family’s bold and italic styles. On the Mac, command-B and -I are the customary keyboard commands; on Windows, control-B and -I.

This technique, known as “style linking,” is designed for font families that contain the four styles regular, italic, bold and bold italic. Because most Hoefler & Co. fonts contain a much more expressive range of weights — and there’s no convention for accessing styles such as or Semibold from the keyboard — style linking for “bold” is disabled in Hoefler & Co. fonts. Wherever possible, links between romans and italics have been included, so that italics can be invoked from the keyboard.

For business users, H&Co has developed a parallel library of Office Fonts that are specially built for applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation software. These families are are designed with the familiar four-style arrangement of regular, italic, bold, and bold italic, and mapped to the standard keyboard shortcuts. Learn more about Office Fonts.

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