OpenType fonts

OpenType, jointly developed by Adobe and Microsoft in 1997, is the successor to both the PostScript and TrueType formats. Addressing many of the shortcomings of both PostScript and TrueType, OpenType fonts offer 100% cross-platform compatibility, support for larger character sets and multiple languages, and easier access to advanced typographic features such as small caps and ligatures.

Hoefler & Co. manufactures OpenType fonts to the following specification:

Platforms Macintosh and Windows
Font Format OpenType CFF (PostScript outlines)
Encoding Unicode
Character Set Latin-1 (0000-00FF) + Latin-X® (0100-02AF)¹
System Requirements Mac OS X, Mac OS 8.6² or higher
Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT4², ME², 98², or 95²

¹ Parts of the range 0100-02AF are omitted. Most fonts include additional characters: see Character Sets, above.

² Requires Adobe Type Manager Light (bundled with most operating systems, otherwise a free download from Adobe)

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