The “Hoefler Text” on my Mac

With every Macintosh, Apple bundles a version of Hoefler Text in their proprietary .dfont format. Apple’s version of the family appears in five styles: Regular, Italic, Black, Black Italic, and Ornaments.

The Hoefler & Co. version of Hoefler Text, first introduced in 1997, includes some 27 styles, and is produced in the PostScript OpenType format that has become an industry standard for graphic design. Notable differences are the addition of a Bold weight, and a second set of engraved capitals called Engraved No. 2; moreover, the newer fonts reflect a number of improvements made by designer Jonathan Hoefler over the course of six years.

Designers who license the Hoefler & Co. version of Hoefler Text should first remove the fonts that are included with the operating system, which can be identified by the extension .dfont in the file name. (Quick check: If your Hoefler Text has a style called “Ornaments,” you’re using Apple’s version of the font. Ours has a style called “Fleurons,” instead.)

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