Can I use H&Co web fonts in email?

Yes, you can! With your Cloud.typography subscription, you can specify web fonts in the HTML of your email campaigns, the same way that you call for fonts on your websites. (Programs in which you send personal email don’t typically provide the option to edit HTML, so this feature is really intended for email campaigns.)

Cloud.typography uses your available pageviews to satisfy email opens, with each open counting as a single pageview. Before enabling web fonts in an email campaign, make sure your subscription is sufficient to accommodate the additional traffic. You can always upgrade your subscription to include additional pageviews, from the subscriptions area within your account settings. If you expect the combined traffic to your website and your email campaigns to exceed 20 million per month, please get in touch with our web font group to discuss other options for high traffic delivery.

Keep in mind that email is still a new frontier for typography. On the reader’s side, support for fonts is limited, but growing: many desktop and mobile apps like Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook support web fonts, but most browser-based clients like Gmail don’t. In other words, a branded email sent to a address will render with web fonts if it’s being read in an application like Mail or Outlook, or on the mail app on the owner’s iPhone, but it won’t show the branded fonts if it’s being read inside a web browser. But as always, Cloud.typography won’t interfere with your message getting through: when someone reads a branded email in an application that doesn’t support web fonts, they’ll simply see it appear using the same system fonts that you’re using today.

For more information about enabling fonts in email, check out the Fonts in Email entry in the Cloud.typography User Guide.

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