How do I embed fonts into an app?

As an App.typography subscriber, you’ll be able to download all of the H&Co fonts you’ve licensed, by visiting your Font Library page. Fonts are downloadable in OpenType (.otf) format, compatible with all modern distribution platforms. (If you need fonts in a different format, or are publishing on a platform not supported in the App.typography Terms of Service, please get in touch).

Embedding fonts generally involves adding each font’s .otf file to your app’s assets folder, and referencing the fonts by filename in your app’s resources file. (On iOS, add a row for each font to your Info.plist, and then reference the font by name in your UI code.) Specific implementation varies by platform and device, so consult your platform’s technical documentation for details.

Your project exceeds the 1,000k limit, so your changes have not been saved.

Try adding fewer fonts, fewer styles, or configuring the fonts with fewer features.