How do I embed fonts into an eBook?

As an App.typography subscriber, you can use authoring tools such as Adobe InDesign or Apple’s iBooks Author to create eBooks that incorporate the fonts you’ve licensed from H&Co. Simply install the fonts that you’ve purchased for your computer, and choose them in the application’s Font menu. When you export your document, the fonts should be embedded automatically.

If you’re manually creating an eBook in a format such as .epub, you’ll need to include a copy of each font’s .otf file in your eBook’s assets folder, and reference the fonts by name in your stylesheet.

Please note that many eReaders will override a publisher’s font choices, based on defaults selected by the device manufacturer, and most devices allow users to change their preferred fonts for reading. A best practice for eBook design is to consider how the format will render using a device’s own fonts, and to test your format on as many different devices as possible.

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Try adding fewer fonts, fewer styles, or configuring the fonts with fewer features.