TrueType and PostScript fonts

All Hoefler & Co. fonts are provided in OpenType, the font format that succeeded the older TrueType and PostScript formats in 1997. Unlike these older “legacy” formats, OpenType fonts offer cross-platform compatibility, support for much larger character sets, and easier access to advanced typographic features. (Read more about OpenType fonts here.)

Virtually all applications support OpenType fonts. If you’re using one that doesn’t, or need to discuss licensing options for incorporating fonts into a product for sale (such as an app or a consumer device), please contact our sales office before placing your order.

For business users, H&Co has developed a parallel library of Office Fonts that are specially built for applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation software. These families are are provided in TrueType format, designed with the familiar four-style arrangement of regular, italic, bold, and bold italic, and mapped to the standard keyboard shortcuts. Learn more about Office Fonts.

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