What characters are included in a font?

All Hoefler & Co. fonts share the same core character set, known as Latin-X™. Many fonts additionally contain features such as small capitals, swashes, multiple figure sets (such as old-style and lining figures), alternate characters, or ornaments. When exploring the library, consult each family’s “characters” view for a complete look at what’s inside.

The Latin-X™ character set, developed by Hoefler & Co. to offer optimum coverage for languages that use the Latin alphabet, subsumes the Unicode range “Latin Extended A” (0100-017F), and includes selections from “Latin Extended B” (0180-024F) and “IPA Extensions” (0250-02AF). Most fonts do not include characters for synthetic languages such as Esperanto, or archaic orthographies such as Old Greenlandic.

Some font families have been designed for additional script systems, beyond the Latin alphabet. In addition to its Latin-X editions, the Whitney and Gotham families include support for Greek, as well as Cyrillic-X™, a character set that covers the principal languages of Russia and Eastern Europe.

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