Fonts absent from the menu

Missing italics

Many applications, such as Microsoft Word or Powerpoint, will not show a font’s companion italic in the font menu if these fonts have been “style linked.” This is normal behavior: in these applications, use the key command or the toolbar button for “italic” to access these styles.

OpenType Features

H&Co manufactures fonts in OpenType format, where peripheral styles such as Small Caps or Swashes do not appear in the font menu. This is normal behavior: instead, in applications that support OpenType’s advanced features, these are accessed through the OpenType palette. In Adobe applications, OpenType features can be accessed through the OpenType pop-up menu in the Character palette; in Quark XPress, this pop-up menu appears in the Measurements palette. For more information about OpenType fonts, see our Introduction to OpenType.

For business users, H&Co has developed a parallel library of Office Fonts that are specially built for applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation software. These families are are designed with the familiar four-style arrangement of regular, italic, bold, and bold italic, and mapped to the standard keyboard shortcuts. Learn more about Office Fonts.

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