A Gotham for every occasion.

A new addition: Gotham's expanded family now features four different widths, each in a full spectrum of weights — and each style comes paired with a matching italic.

Gotham: Four Widths

We've taken Gotham's iconic forms and played them out over a range of new weights and widths, to offer designers more options than ever before. The new Gotham Narrow preserves the straightforward geometries of the full-width Gotham, but is narrowed to allow tremendous savings in copyfitting — making Gotham Narrow an ideal choice for text. At the most compact end of the spectrum is Gotham Condensed, which we've expanded into a broader range of weights, from the refined Thin to a powerhouse trio for banner headlines, Black, Extra Black and Ultra. And between Gotham Narrow and Gotham Condensed is our new Gotham Extra Narrow collection, a compact family with a natural gait that’s perfect for headlines, book covers, product packaging, websites — anywhere that space is at a premium.

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    Four Widths. New additions: Gotham now includes four different widths, from regular to condensed, each style paired with a matching italic.

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    Range. Without sacrificing its appeal at display sizes, Gotham has been crafted to flourish in text sizes as well.

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    Voice. Friendly without being folksy, confident without being aloof, Gotham’s many moods run from hip to nostalgic to brash to eloquent.

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    Numerics. For tables and charts, Gotham's core styles include a “Numeric” range that contains tabular figures, fractions, and extended symbols.

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    Extended Language Support. All Gotham packages now include the Latin-X™, Greek, and Cyrillic-X™ character sets, together covering more than 200 languages worldwide.

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