Gotham Condensed

For a quintessential sans, a condensed companion of substance.

Condensed typefaces are among a designer's most valuable tools, yet they're often designed as an afterthought. Many of the world's most popular typefaces have no condensed variants; others contain a perfunctory style or two, often with abbreviated character sets or missing features. Instead of extending the usefulness of the type family, such fonts create dead ends for designers, and demand inconvenient and unforseen workarounds — exactly the opposite of what a font should do.

The Gotham family was designed from the outset with a condensed in mind, and each of Gotham's initial weights was matched style-for-style with a corresponding condensed. Instead of an appendix, Gotham Condensed was designed as an integral family of parallel styles, measuring up to Gotham in terms of range and versatility. Its styles include the full character set present in Gotham, including tabular figures, fractions, super- and subscripts, extended monetary symbols, and the full Latin-X® range of accents. Italics have been designed throughout, a critical factor in publication work (where italicized book and movie titles have a way of creeping into headlines.) And with the arrival of the new Gotham Condensed 2 collection, the fonts actually exceed the scope of the regular full-width Gotham: in place of eight weights from Thin to Ultra, there are nine, with the addition of an Extra Black weight for headline sizes, where it's demonstrably different and surprisingly indispensable.

Using Gotham Condensed

Gotham Condensed for Newspapers


Gotham Condensed thrives in headlines, the bigger the better. Since weight changes are especially perceptible at jumbo sizes, it was with banner heads in mind that we fleshed out the heavy end of Gotham Condensed with an extra weight: between the Black and Ultra weights, Gotham Condensed includes an additional style called Extra Black. For tabloid sizzle, try the italics that accompany all three of these powerhouse weights.

Gotham Condensed for Magazines

Magazines & Catalogs

The spectrum of nine weights in Gotham Condensed guarantees a range of editorial voices to choose from, and the inclusion of italics with each style makes Gotham Condensed a reliable choice for formats that may have to do the unexpected. An obvious pick for headlines, Gotham Condensed also works admirably at smaller sizes, its tabular figures suggesting information-heavy uses such as directories and back-of-book listings.

Gotham Condensed for Websites


Gotham Condensed achieves its even fit and color by turning stroke endings outward, minimizing awkward spaces between letters and ensuring that words lock together neatly. These extroverted gestures bring more space into the interiors of letters, helping the font work unusually well at small sizes, and making it a good candidate for online work. And Gotham Condensed's gamut of nine weights allows designers to fine-tune how type rasterizes at any pixel size.

Gotham Condensed for Posters


Gotham Condensed's slender silhouette makes it a favorite of theatrical and movie posters, and this year's addition of fourteen new styles promises even more ways to use the fonts. The Gotham Condensed 2 package includes the family's ten most stylized weights: the skeletal Thin and Extra Light, and the muscular Black, Extra Black, and Ultra, each in both roman and italic.

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    Four Widths. New additions: Gotham now includes four different widths, from regular to condensed, each style paired with a matching italic.

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    Range. Without sacrificing its appeal at display sizes, Gotham has been crafted to flourish in text sizes as well.

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    Voice. Friendly without being folksy, confident without being aloof, Gotham’s many moods run from hip to nostalgic to brash to eloquent.

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    Numerics. For tables and charts, Gotham's core styles include a “Numeric” range that contains tabular figures, fractions, and extended symbols.

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    Extended Language Support. All Gotham packages now include the Latin-X™, Greek, and Cyrillic-X™ character sets, together covering more than 200 languages worldwide.

What‘s Inside

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