Engraved Capitals

A further way to distinguish text as special, Hoefler Text includes two companion sets of engraved capitals.

Hoefler Text Engraved


A brief resurgence of interest in classical forms brought the ‘engraved’ style back into fashion in the early twentieth century. The more ambitious text faces of this period were produced with a corresponding set of engraved caps, the best of which were sympathetic with the other members of their type families. (Not all were: the Caslon Open typeface produced by the American Type Founders company is famously unrelated to the Caslon style, and even to ATF’s other Caslon typefaces.) We’ve revived the tradition in earnest, outfitting Hoefler Text with two sets of engraved caps that grow naturally out of the design of Hoefler Text Roman.

Hoefler Text Engraved No. 2

Engraved No. 2

Because engraved letters are especially susceptible to the vicissitudes of size, Hoefler Text includes two engraved faces: Engraved, based on the letterforms of the Roman (and designed for large sizes), and Engraved No. 2, based on the Bold weight, especially useful in smaller sizes. Both faces have full character sets.

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    Expression. Hoefler Text’s character set is designed with all the trimmings, from swashes and italic small caps to two fonts of engraved capitals.

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    Grand Italics. In every weight, Hoefler Text offers a number of ways to change the flavor of its italics, from merely special to full-blown decadent.

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    Arabesques & Patterns. Borrowing the ideas of a clever sixteenth century typefounder, Hoefler Text includes characters for creating an infinite number of decorative patterns.

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    Engraved. A companion set of engraved capitals was once a sign of quality in a text face. Hoefler Text contains two.

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    Special Characters. Fractions and monetary marks for technical settings, an expanded ligature set for foreign words, and a long-s for historical printing; it’s all inside.

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    Language Support. Hoefler Text features our Latin-X™ character set, covering more than 140 languages throughout the world — including all of Central Europe.

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