Hoefler Text Special Characters

Hoefler Text includes a wealth of special characters, included to help designers articulate and decorate text.

Hoefler Text Ligatures

Extended Ligatures

In addition to the standard ligatures provided with all Hoefler & Co. fonts, Hoefler Text includes an extended set for pairs which are more obscure, but just as useful (fb for ‘surfboard,’ fj for ‘fjord,’ etc.) Also included is a set of quaint ligatures, not required in most circumstances, but useful in decoration. Finally, for historical settings, a ‘long-s’ is included, along with its retinue of long-s ligatures.

Hoefler Text Figures


Old-style figures, also known as ‘ranging figures’ or ‘non-lining figures,’ are provided as the default for each typeface, but lining figures are also included in each design's alternate font, for composition with all capitals.

Hoefler Text Fractions


Each of the fonts includes readymade “case fractions” in denominations of halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, and eighths. Also included is a full set of numerators and denominators, all properly kerned to the fraction bar, for creating custom fractions. OpenType versions of Hoefler Text also include superscripts and subscripts, useful for both footnotes and scientific formulae.

Hoefler Text Math Characters

Math Characters

In order to make way for more widely used characters such as like alternates and ligatures, the math characters have been offloaded into the alternate fonts. These characters have been specially drawn to match the proportions of the typeface.

Hoefler Text Extended Monetary Symbols

Extended Monetary Symbols

In addition to the standard monetary symbols included in all Hoefler & Co. fonts (dollar, Euro, pounds sterling, yen, guilders, and cents), Hoefler Text include an additional set of symbols for the Franc, Cruzeiro, Colon, Peso and Rupee. Each of these characters comes in three sizes, for use with caps, lowercase, and small caps.

Hoefler Text Contextual Punctuation

Contextual Punctuation

Similarly, Hoefler Text includes three sets of punctuation — parentheses, brackets, braces, monetary symbols and commercial marks — designed to match the alignments of the capitals, the lowercase, and the small caps.

Hoefler Text Fleurons & Ornaments

Fleurons & Ornaments

In addition to its arabesques and patterns, the Hoefler Text Fleurons typeface contains twenty-seven ornaments intended for book work: sixteen decorative flowers (six designs in various iterations), seven emblems, a pair of decorative brackets, and a pair of pointing fists.

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    Expression. Hoefler Text’s character set is designed with all the trimmings, from swashes and italic small caps to two fonts of engraved capitals.

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    Grand Italics. In every weight, Hoefler Text offers a number of ways to change the flavor of its italics, from merely special to full-blown decadent.

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    Arabesques & Patterns. Borrowing the ideas of a clever sixteenth century typefounder, Hoefler Text includes characters for creating an infinite number of decorative patterns.

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    Engraved. A companion set of engraved capitals was once a sign of quality in a text face. Hoefler Text contains two.

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    Special Characters. Fractions and monetary marks for technical settings, an expanded ligature set for foreign words, and a long-s for historical printing; it’s all inside.

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    Language Support. Hoefler Text features our Latin-X™ character set, covering more than 140 languages throughout the world — including all of Central Europe.

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