A typeface of many faces.

For all its distinctive forms and silhouettes, Idlewild is an unexpectedly reactive and adaptable type family. Here are seven font pairings that coax dramatically different flavors out of Idlewild.

Idlewild with Claimcheck


Our Claimcheck typeface captures the anonymous look of automatic numbering machines. Idlewild shares these mechanistic qualities, but Claimcheck's unsubtle geometries highlight the more nuanced forms in Idlewild, providing a context that helps the font look tidy and smart.

Idlewild with Sentinel


Idlewild’s clear and unambiguous letterforms bring out Sentinel’s more childlike qualities, without either design surrendering its trademark sophistication. Together the fonts feel joyful without being foolish, and accessible without being obvious — useful strategies when dealing with unfamiliar or intimidating content.

Idlewild with Gotham


Gotham has the gift of timelessness, a virtue it lends easily to Idlewild. Together the fonts create typography of an uncertain age, plausible as historical artifacts yet unflinchingly up-to-date. Set in all caps, the fonts have an architectural quality that suggests shop windows and dimensional signs.

Idlewild with Vitesse


Both Vitesse and Idlewild are studies in complex curvature, Vitesse’s bowed sides and fast corners making it a great foil for Idlewild’s more unhurried shapes. Giving Idlewild a supporting role at smaller sizes helps reinforce this relationship.

Idlewild with Knockout


Its nine different widths give Knockout ample opportunities to play against Idlewild’s long proportions. In the company of Knockout’s sobriety, a letterspaced Idlewild seems similarly serious — perhaps even arch and ironic.

Idlewild with Verlag


Verlag stands tall, its low x-height and upright gait offering an attractive contrast for Idlewild’s more relaxed proportions. The alert buzz of Verlag’s lowercase strikes a welcome chord with the tranquil hum of Idlewild’s capitals, especially in lighter weights.

Idlewild with Tungsten


Nothing’s easier than retro, but few things are as tough as vintage. It’s the rare typographic palette that can suggest heritage without looking outdated, a trick that’s handily achieved by Idlewild and Tungsten. As fonts of extreme proportions, both designs are responsive to letterspacing and shifts in scale, which allow them to create two different moods at once. This upbeat contemporary logo, relying on generous spacing and dramatic proportions, is grounded by what feels like a long-established mark, shaped by tighter margins and more traditional letterspacing.

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    Companionability. Unusual for a design with a strong personality, Idlewild pairs well with many different kinds of typeface, yielding an unexpectedly wide range of temperaments.

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    Language Support. Idlewild features our Latin-X™ character set, covering more than 140 languages throughout the world — including all of Central Europe.

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