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Isotope Isotope Inspired by a style of lettering invented to convey precision and reliability, Isotope is a new family of typefaces designed to be both luxurious and fit. Peristyle Peristyle A stylish new typeface restores the chic of the condensed, high-contrast sans. Six weights from Light to Black, plus the multicolor Peristyle Stencil. Inkwell Inkwell A tiny universe of fonts combining the informality of handwriting, the expressiveness of lettering, and the versatility of type. Inkwell features a Serif, a Sans, a Script, a Blackletter, a Tuscan, and an Open, each in six weights. Ringside Ringside As versatile as a superfamily, and as charming as a potluck sans, Ringside is the perfect complement to our Knockout family for designers working at text sizes or on the web. In six widths and eight weights, with italics throughout. Whitney Condensed Whitney Condensed Two new additions join the Whitney family: Whitney Condensed gets a full set of italics, and a new family of screen-optimized webfonts, Whitney Condensed ScreenSmart. Chronicle Hairline Chronicle Hairline Six new typefaces born of fashion, and designed for all kinds of dramatic visual storytelling. Meet the bright and graceful Chronicle Hairline collection in Regular, Condensed, and Compressed. Whitney Narrow Whitney Narrow A family of clear, space-efficient typefaces gets a new addition, specifically designed for all kinds of limited environments: narrow text columns, dense headlines, and web and mobile applications. Operator Operator A typeface rooted in the traditions of typewriting, Operator is designed to offer a new voice for designers, and a new tool for developers. Archer Heavyweights Archer Heavyweights Designers asked if Archer could go a little heavier; we made it a lot heavier. Introducing Archer Black, Extra Black, and Ultra. Obsidian Obsidian A pair of exuberant, majestic display faces, Obsidian uses high-tech means to achieve traditional ends. Quarto Quarto A family of fiery display faces rooted in one of typography’s most significant periods, Quarto is a study in contrast and control. Tungsten Rounded Tungsten Rounded From Tungsten, a typeface that’s disarming instead of pushy, comes a soft-shouldered cousin with an unexpected personality. Nitro & Turbo Nitro & Turbo Nitro leans in, Turbo leans back: meet the new, unstoppable, all-italic font family from H&Co. Surveyor Surveyor A modern interpretation of a traditional mapmaker’s letter, Surveyor contains three optical sizes, and a ScreenSmart family of webfonts for sparkling text in the browser. Landmark Landmark The signature alphabet of a beloved New York skyscraper becomes a family of clear and colorful display fonts, with a keen Inline, a contemplative Shadow, and a dazzling Dimensional. Idlewild Idlewild An industrious sans serif that evokes space-age optimism, Idlewild is spare and tranquil, speaking in hushed but captivating tones. Ideal Sans Ideal Sans A handmade typeface for a machine-made age. Ideal Sans avoids the easy pursuit of digital perfection, and favors organic forms that make it warm and inviting. Forza Forza Succinct geometries make for an expressive type family that’s ardent, disciplined, shrewd, and commanding. In twelve styles, from the crisp Thin to the powerhouse Black. Vitesse Vitesse Engineered for responsive handling and a sporty ride, Vitesse is a twenty-first century slab serif that’s agile, steady, confident and suave. Six weights from Thin to Black, each with a matching italic. Tungsten Tungsten Smart, tough, and sexy, Tungsten is that rarest of species: the compact and sporty sans serif that’s not only muscular but stylish. Four styles, each of them disarming instead of pushy — not just loud, but persuasive. Sentinel Sentinel For everyone who wishes Clarendons had italics, and everyone whose favorite slab serif is shy a few weights: Sentinel is a fresh take on a lovely and useful historical style, a thoughtful and complete family that’s serviceable for both text and display. Gotham Gotham Narrow, Extra Narrow & Condensed 2. Every designer has admired the no-nonsense letters of the urban environment. From these humble beginnings comes Gotham, a hard-working typeface for the ages — now featuring 46 new styles! Archer Archer Friendlier than your average slab serif, Archer is forthright, colorful, credible, and charming. Romans and italics in eight weights each, including a delicate hairline, featuring small caps, fractions & tabular figures. Chronicle Text Chronicle Text A vigorous hybrid of time-honored forms and contemporary design strategies, Chronicle Text is a suite of typefaces that brings strength and utility to the classic serif. Featuring four different media-resistant 'grades,' ideal for everything from newsprint to websites. Chronicle Display Chronicle Display A large-size counterpart to Chronicle Text, these faces are specially tuned for large 'display' sizes, plus the smaller 'deck' sizes used in editorial publishing. Featuring three different widths, each style supplied in both roman and italic. Gotham Rounded Gotham Rounded A 'technical letter' that goes from friendly to high-tech to cheeky with ease, Gotham Rounded is the stylish but hard-working cousin of our famous Gotham typeface. Eight styles, including italics. Verlag Verlag From out of the six typefaces originally created for the Guggenheim Museum comes Verlag, a family of 30 sans serifs that brings a welcome eloquence to the can-do sensibility of pre-war Modernism. Three widths, each in five weights, all with matching italics. Numbers Numbers The world is filled with recognizable and unique numbers that have never been available as typefaces — until now. Sixteen fonts inspired by everyday numbering, from playing cards to subway cars to the U. S. Dollar. Mercury Text Mercury Text Nine years in development, Mercury Text is a collection of sixty high-performance fonts for text. Featuring four different media-resistant 'grades,' ideal for everything from books to newspapers, each with small caps, tabular figures, and dingbats. Mercury Display Mercury Display High performance meets high style in Mercury Display, the large-size companion to our Mercury Text series. Originally designed for Esquire, Mercury Display sparkles at 18pt and above. Romans, italics, and small caps, each in three weights. Whitney Whitney Signage fonts favor clarity, editorial ones demand space-efficiency. Our Whitney family tackles both challenges — and now features extensions into the Greek and Cyrillic alphabets, covering more than 200 languages worldwide. Shades Shades Unlike decorative fonts that scream in a specific voice, our Shades collection is open to interpretation. Colorful and engaging, its twelve styles are infinitely configurable, subtly responsive to their surroundings, and designed to be useful again and again.

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