Nine comprehensive widths.

Packaged in seven different series, Knockout’s unusually broad array of nine different widths steps gently from supercompressed to extrawide.

Knockout: Nine Widths

Knockout’s Seven “Series”

Woodtypes were once produced “in series:” not as a central design from which other styles were descended, but as a collection of visually and functionally related fonts that had no clear center. We’ve followed this idea in Knockout, whose 32 styles are free from the usual hiearchy of “the regular” and “the bold.”

Knockout Series A

Series A

The light and narrow styles of Knockout Series A share the matter-of-fact qualities of the other Knockout variations, but are considerably airier. Welcoming and credible, these faces are especially useful for covers.

Knockout Series B

Series B

Knockout Series B performs admirably in small sizes, making it a perfect choice wherever space is limited. Maps, charts, forms, listings and legal notices shine in the wider fonts; No. 34 reads at 3-1/2 point!

Knockout Series C

Series C

Editorial designers like Knockout Series C for supporting copy. Subheads, sidebars and pull quotes often demand a face bold enough to attract the reader, but modest enough to defer to the headline.

Knockout Series D

Series D

The open counters, generous fit, and high contrast of Knockout Series D make it sturdy enough to work in small sizes, like Series B. But its additional weight helps it rasterize nicely, making it especially useful online.

Knockout Series E

Series E

The fonts in Knockout Series E are classic headline faces, created to thrive in tight settings. Its widths are closely related, so unexpectedly long headlines can be easily accommodated by moving from one style to the next.

Knockout Series F

Series F

Another headline set, Knockout Series F bridges the gap between narrow faces with flat sides (like DIN, or Alternate Gothic) and wider types with round sides (such as Franklin, Univers, or Helvetica.)

Knockout Series G

Series G

Not merely a boldface, Knockout Series G was designed to be stackable. Its overstuffed curves and broad x-height guarantee that every setting is as black as possible.

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    Nine Widths. Knockout’s spectrum of widths is as broad as possible, offering nine different intervals between supercompressed and extrawide.

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    Size Proficiency. Not merely for headlines, Knockout was planned from the outset to tackle both display and text. Some styles are clear at sizes as small as 3-1/2 point.

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    Language Support. Knockout features our Latin-X™ character set, covering more than 140 languages throughout the world — including all of Central Europe.

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