Italic Ligatures

Beyond the thirteen standard ligatures included in all H&Co fonts, each of Requiem’s three sizes of italics contains a set of 75 decorative forms.

Requiem Italic Ligatures

Arrighi’s “chancery cursive” was a model of restrained flamboyance, its gestures taking off wherever necessary to balance the page. Requiem hints at this exuberance with a collection of ligatures, which can further sweeten or decorate the line. A larger range of f-ligatures is present, including such uncommon (but artful) combinations as fft; the quaint looping ct and st are there as well, their forms further adapted to serve ch, ck, sf, sh, sk and sp.

The often colliding crossbar of the lowercase t has been resolved into a set of ligatures as well, and it’s from these especially that the size of the collection begins to take shape: the ligatures ct and tr resolve to ctr (“Actress”), st + tf + fi becomes stfi (“Eastfield”), and so on. The compound ligature stfj was added after a casual interlude with an article about the Norwegian firth of Vestfjorden. The ligature fffl is required only once, in Sauerstoffflasche, the German word for “oxygen tank.”

A complete showing of the family’s ligatures appears in Requiem Italic’s character set.


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    Optical Sizes. To preserve the typefaces’ delicate features, each of Requiem’s styles is provided in three different versions to tackle different size ranges.

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    Ornaments. The two Requiem Ornaments fonts (one for small sizes and one for large) contain two sets of decorative “cartouche” alphabets in period style, and an assortment of printers’ flowers.

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    Italic Ligatures. Each of Requiem’s italics includes a set of 75 decorative ligatures, which range from the familiar (fl) to the exotic (stfj) to the downright dubious (fffl).

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    Special Characters. In every optical size, Requiem contains a wealth of decorative alternates for its romans, italics, and small caps.

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    Language Support. Requiem features our Latin-X™ character set, covering more than 140 languages throughout the world — including all of Central Europe.

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