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Whitney Narrow

A family of clear, space-efficient typefaces
gets two new additions for compact settings:
Meet the new Whitney Narrow for print, and
Whitney Narrow ScreenSmart for web and mobile.

Introducing Office Fonts

Designed for business applications such as Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint® and Excel®, Office Fonts from H&Co ensure that the “last mile” of business communications — proposals, presentations, spreadsheets, and more — can speak in the voice of the brands they represent. Learn more.

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A font family for print, web, and mobile.

Uniquely, typewriting exists halfway between the extremes of formal typography and informal handwriting

from earliest years of the typewriter. Designers use typewriting to shift the focus from the words

away from the anonymity of printed text to the author behind them. Readers recognize the style

typewriter typefaces are seldom available in the range of weights that designers expect

to create a relevant, contemporary design. So for Operator, we took on the challenge

still with a lightly-worn historical pedigree. We created a natural-width family

applicationsions, also created family of fixed-width typefaces named Operator Mono

m the tiniest text sizes to the most graphic and painterly applications

evoking both the charm and the neutrality of the typewritten form

Type designers are always considering how a new typeface can help designers achieve a distinctive voice for co

the typewriter aesthetic is still one that readers recognize, and designers reach for it whenever they

the letter from the editor, the charitable appeal; the writerly introduction, the solemn report: these are places

most of these faces — all fixed-width typefaces, in fact — speak to readers in a way that’s both

designed to be original and contemporary voices, building on the traditions of typew

family of types that would have the immediacy and informality of the typewriter

nine weights, ranging from a delicate thin to a robust ultra, with features

specially adapted shapes designed for both paper and pixels. The result is a

eighty-four new fonts for print, web and mobile, designed to give b


Webfonts by Hoefler&Co.

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